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Battery Intelligence


20% Longer Lifespan

50% Improved Safety

10% Higher Resale Value

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Join us in Mission GEVIN (Global EV Intelligence Network) in building the world’s largest network of connected EVs.

Trusted by Industry Leaders across the Globe
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Why we are the Trusted Solution for Industry Leaders Worldwide

We go beyond the capabilities of Traditional BMS and Telematics Solutions
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Our State-of-the-art EV Platform gives Real-time Insights into Battery Health and Charge Status


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Our EV Agnostic Hardware Device Seamlessly Integrates with your EV and Collects Real-time Data



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Powering a Connected EV Ecosystem where Every Stakeholder Reaps Rewards

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Longer Lifespan
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Improved Safety
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Higher Resale Value
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ROI in 8 Years

No More Guessing Games, Take Data-Backed Decisions!

Our AI/ML integrated Solution gives real-time insights into Battery Health and SOC, minimizing Range Anxiety and Downtime

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